Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Access to the Museum free?
- Free admission is granted to children no older than 12 years old, to art students, ICOM
members and tourist group guides.
- For different entry fees, please refer to this page Entry fees.
Is the museum wheelchair friendly?
-Yes, the museum is wheelchair friendly, we have an elevator, we also have a
wheelchair free to borrow for your visit.
Is the Museum bilingual ?
-The collection is annotated in French and Arabic, we also have documentation in
Is it allowed to take pictures in the museum?
- Yes, please take photos without using the flash which damages the artworks.
How long is a guided visit of the museum?
- A guided visit takes from 30mn to one hour, we offer English, French and Arabic
guided visits.
How to book a school visit?
- for school visits, please email us the details of your visit at
Is there a restaurant at the museum?
- The museum does not have a restaurant, but there is a literary café at the top floor,
where you can have a drink and read a book.

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